Project Description

Why create a company abroad?

Creating a company abroad provides essential assets for the development of your business. Whether your ambition is to relocate all or part of your activities or to test a market whose target corresponds to your product and / or service, this strategy can greatly contribute to the success of your professional project.
Setting up a company abroad is absolutely legal.

ATM Finances is committed to facilitating your introduction to our banking partners, takes care of the management of your company, and directs you towards the general real estate accession of the chosen foreign country.

We suggest you create a limited liability company with a capital of 3000 € as well as a bank account with all conventional means of payment without having to travel.

The creation of the company includes:

– Drafting and registration of the statutes with the notary
– Obtaining the tax identification of the company in the country (ex: CIF for Spain)
– Obtaining the intra
– Community VAT number – A registered office
– Declaration to all mandatory organizations (VAT, Social Security, Pension Fund)
– Professional bank account
– Online banking platform in French
– Mastercard Business or Visa Business International card
– Banker at your service speaking French
– Transfers, direct debits and consultations of balances
– SMS on your mobile for: incoming payment, outgoing payment, Payment issued by card

The service includes:

– Tax advice and accounting services – Tax
management and declaration
– Defense in the event of a tax inspection
– Tax planning
– Social advice and procedures
– Advice on trade and company law
– Management of administrative acts

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