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An innovative and efficient vision of the audit

In a constantly changing economic environment, our experts intervene at all key moments in the development of your organization, to optimize your performance and facilitate your strategic decision making. You can rely on the multidisciplinary skills of ATM Finances in law, accounting, taxation, business strategy …


The transfer of a business is often a privileged moment to know and optimize the value of the company. 

ATM Finances works to reduce financial, legal and property risks to which the sale of your business exposes  you and supports you in negotiating the financial and legal conditions of the sale with the purchaser and his  advice. 

This audit is particularly relevant if it is carried out by the seller even before the start of negotiations. We are also committed to respecting the confidentiality of your project. 

“The number of businesses transferred per year is estimated at 60,000, the majority of which are trading businesses (Source: Source CRA Cédants & Repreneurs d’Affaires).”


Our interdisciplinary teams audit the entire company (financial, social, legal, etc.) to secure your operation at all levels and support your acquisition project:

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