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Opening a bank account in Europe

Do you want to open a bank account in a country of the European Union?

If you live in a country of the European Union, it is completely legal to open and have a bank account abroad. The only condition is to declare this bank account to the French tax authorities. Banks cannot refuse your request on the grounds that you do not reside in the country where they are established. This right does not apply to other types of bank accounts, such as savings accounts.

Features of a basic account

A “basic payment account” allows you to carry out everyday operations, such as:

  • make payments
  • withdraw cash
  • receive and make payments (e.g. direct debits and card purchases)

It comes with a payment card that can be used to withdraw cash and make purchases, online and in stores. If possible, the bank also offers access to online banking services. However, it is not required to provide an overdraft authorization or a credit facility.

However, we recommend that you keep a bank account in France. You may need to send or receive money from France

The service includes:

  • Support with our partner banks.
  • Opening of professional and personal accounts.
  • Order checkbooks and your bank cards.
  • Management of your accounts on the internet with a web interface in French.
  • Delivery of internet codes for your remote account management (issuance and receipt of transfer etc.)
  • Our service ends when you are in possession of your means of payment and your access codes to the account management interface on the Internet.

Our partners among the largest national investment banks:

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