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Accounting Solutions

Having up-to-date accounts available at all times is essential for a healthy business.

Therefore, our team, at the cutting edge of technologies available on the market, uses the latest accounting software to manage, classify, prepare the accounts of our clients in an efficient and rigorous manner.

All the official accounting books required by the regulations in force are prepared and remain at the disposal of the client.


At your service throughout the year in our office in Marbella :

  • A complete accounting consulting service,
  • A team of highly specialized experts in all areas,
  • The most versatile IT systems on the market,
  • Live consultation of your accounts, export of files in different formats.


Preparation of official books in accordance with the general chart of accounts:

  • Daily ledger.
  • General ledger. Balance of the situation and profit and loss accounts.
  • Preparation of control, quarterly and year-end reports.
  • Balance of sums and balances.
  • Keeping of official account books for the purposes of value added tax (VAT).
  • Annual accounts: balance sheet, profit and loss account and report.
  • Preparation of the management report
  • Legalization of official accounting books in the trade register.
  • Preparation and filing of annual accounts in the trade register.
  • Certification of council agreement.
  • Supervision of financial statements and analysis of entries to determine the correct application of accounting principles and accounting standards.
  • Procedures book.
  • Book of partners or shareholders.
  • Book register of income and expenses of professionals.
  • Overdue accounts.

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